Who We Are

*2007 - Indonesia government have big restructured in Department of Finance, that means big policy change in Tax Department, Customs and Budget for this country.After that, the followed conditions push IT / consumer electronics business people changing the import behaviour from Door to Door service became Legal Import. Follow the government policy, Citra Baru Megah (CBM) set up new company which has Legal Import permit and together with assembly factory. So, our Legal Import is in category “Import Production”, that have more backup from Department of Industry at that time.

*2008 - CBM started produce IT accessories, like mouse, keyboard and case

*2009 - Achieved “TKDN” certified by PT Surveyor Indonesia (a company appoint by Minister of Industry to issue cetificate for local content) as selected company qualified supporting by government with local project.

*2010 - Achived partnership with some local PC maker and supply more than 20% of Indonesia School Project from Elementary to High Scholl in nation-wide area

*2011 - CBM start to provide LED monitor and achieved more than 40% of Indonesia School Project

*2012 - CBM start to assembly LED monitor locally supported by more than 7 years engineer team and afford technical side smoothly. In end of 2012  Indonesia  start in very initially stage for LED wall Outdoor business  and continue in 2013 become very agrresive .

*2013 – To respond the market needs, in March CBM setup cooperation with one of the biggest display manufacture company in China and listing in HongkongHangseng stock exchange called SKYWORTH.With all the full-heart and dedicated experience engineer in display  led ,CBM start to find team work for Construction and ME engginer to strengthen the LED wall business .  We start with CBM DISPLAY